That's a wrap!

I have finally compiled my documentation footage from The Sensitive Screen, which was displayed at CalArts from October 24th - 28th. For those who missed it, you can get a sense of what the installation was like here:

Some high-res images are also availabe over at the images page.

The closing reception, on October 28th, was particular fantastic, with some of my favorite musicians contributing their musical interpretations to the space. I'd like to thank all the musicians who played that day: Julian Valdivieso, Archie Carey and Odeya Nini, Gordon Kurowski, Michael Day, and Brandon Byrnes, Heather Lockie and Clay Chapin, Jxel Rajchenberg, and Stephanie Smith. Perfect way to close out an exciting week.

Exhibition Announcement!

I am pleased to announce that my MFA thesis exhibition, The Sensitive Screen, will be happening at Calarts from October 23rd - October 28th. To whet your appetite, here's a timelapse of my amazing little collaborators, shot in my garage:

There will be a closing reception on Sunday, October 28th, from 12pm - 6pm, during which several musicians will perform in the installation space -- full lineup TBA.

Please note that the gallery will only be open from 12pm - 8pm every day. My little friends are nyctinastic (the fancy botany term for: "they go to sleep at night"), and my installation is only fully functional when the Mimosa Pudica are fully open.

The Sensitive Screen
October 23 - 28
12pm - 8pm

Opening Reception
October 28
12pm - 6pm